Giz a job… but not just any job!

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Generic recruitment agencies such as the Job Centre or Reed Employment are fine if you’re looking for a generic job, but if you’ve trained to work in a niche, they can be severely lacking. For example, if you’re a fully qualified computer programmer specialising in C# or .NET, then this will mean very little to the laymen who man the desks at the generic employment agencies. They’ll take one look at your CV, see ‘computers’ before putting you forward for any role which state ‘computers’ in the job spec.


These could be anything from a basic admin role which involves minimal computer knowledge to database administration on a system you’re not trained for or familiar with. Being put forward for such roles is not only a waste of your time, but also that of the prospective employer. If you’re trained to work in a specific niche you should really be looking at a specialist employment agency such as Next Ventures who know the difference between .Net and .Not.


A specialist recruitment agency pride themselves on being able to match your skills to the perfect job. They will also make sure that the level of pay on offer is also in line with what you should be earning. They offer a level of industry expertise which the generic employment agencies can only dream of. If you’re looking for a specialist IT job, click here to see how Next Ventures can help you.



Getting Through the IT Minefield

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Twenty years ago, being qualified to work in IT simply meant one could use a computer proficiently. These days, IT is such a broad term which encompasses a huge number of rich and varied disciplines, it’s difficult to determine whether or not a prospective employee is proficient in the required area or not. This can be a bit of a minefield for any human resources manager and many employment agencies aren’t sure how qualified a person may or may not be. For example, if a person has worked in IT for the last twenty years, they could seem like the perfect candidate. But if their experience is solely in data input then they won’t be suited to a programming role.


It is this grey area that specialist next venture agencies aim to bring some clarity to, as with a generic agency, it can be relatively easy for a person to ‘blag’ their way into a job which they are grossly under qualified for. Each employee of a specialist IT recruitment agency will have a background in information technology and by asking the proper questions, can determine which job seekers are suitable for certain IT jobs.


These specialist agencies can also be a godsend to those who work in the IT spectrum too. As the chances of an employer dressing up a menial job as something bigger would be greatly reduced. Any IT professional wants to be working at the top of their field and are very disappointed should their new specialist IT role turn out to be little more than basic data input, also known as ‘monkey work’. If you’re looking for IT jobs or need IT staff, then do yourself a favour and seek out a specialist IT employment agency.

Becoming an Oracle Consultant

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Many people stick to the same job for years and years. They can recall the days before computerised stock control when everything, and I mean everything was recorded by hand using a paper and pen and pure diligence. They also recall clearly the transitional period as computers began worming their way into stock control and management, eventually making the tried and trusted pen and paper method  obsolete. This transitional period was a bitter pill to swallow for many, but for some, they took to these new databases like a duck to water.


One such database is called Oracle which emerged in the late 1970′s and has become one of the world’s premier database systems. People who have been using Oracle for many years are in the perfect position to become Oracle consultants as through the course of their job, they have learnt all the ins and outs and limitations of this invaluable piece of software.Oracle jobs are highly specialised and therefore offer a very attractive salary.


What is still hard to believe is just how many people who’ve been working with Oracle don’t realise just how sought after their skills are. Oracle consultants specialise in helping companies make the transition from one database system to the Oracle system without any loss of data. It is their role to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible, so those who have many years experience in this field are in a perfect position to fill any Oracle jobs which become available.


Paraphrase this…


I’ll ask them if their job involved using a database of any kind and often the answer is yes. With a little more investigating it turns out that such people have not only used a database on a regular basis, but have developed in depth skills with one of the popular databases which are used by numerous companies all over the world. If a person has only used Sage, Oracle or SAP in their last job, they tend to assume that such software is ‘in house’ and therefore not as ubiquitous as it actually is.


Having real working experience with popular database software is invaluable, especially in IT recruitment. The SAP careers market offers excellent rates of pay, as does Oracle careers and Sage as it’s not something many people can pick up quickly by learning on the job. Having experience in SAP and Oracle will certainly make a CV stand out from the crowd and makes my job in IT recruitment far easier.


With a little confidence boosting we can steer an individuals career path from a series of admin roles which are often temporary and low paid in the more lucrative direction of SAP careers, or even Oracle careers if that is where their experience is. One needn’t be an expert either, even having basic day to day knowledge of adding and updating such databases can be enough to put them above all other candidates for an employment opportunity. Using the same software for another company will further increase their experience and as a result, their standing as a specialist in Oracle or SAP careers will make them more employable and put them in a position to pick and choose employment opportunities rather than taking what’s offered.

The IT Recruitment Process In The UK

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As most graduates and young professionals in the United Kingdom know, the recruitment process can be highly exhausting for individual applicants. Aspiring professionals looking for IT jobs in the UK often meet with dozens of recruiters and IT representatives before getting to the application and interview stage. The daunting task of meeting and speaking with these recruiters is made more difficult by the fact that applicants need to break through the rhetoric to find the job that is right for them. However, an understanding of the IT recruitment process within a UK corporation may help inform graduates on how importance recruiting is to the job market.

The IT recruitment process in the UK is multi-tiered, with many different factors going into the ultimate decision to hire an individual applicant. The beginning of the process comes from the board of directors or management of an IT firm. These high level professionals decide that they need more permanent IT professionals to facilitate an investment in advanced computing technology. Executives may also decide that they need a group of temporary IT professionals in order to get new software out onto the market quicker. In any event, the executives tell hiring managers and recruiters what their expectations are for these new professionals.

After human resources and recruiting professionals get this information, they decide on the best course of action for recruiting the right personnel. Jobs that require highly skilled workers may need targeted advertising, like television spots aimed at younger professionals or online banners on highly trafficked web-sites. However, many positions require eager professionals that want to enter training programs or take temporary work in order to bolster their CV. In this case, job fairs and open houses can attract a high number of applications which will surely yield the requisite number of project professionals.

Before setting out to the job fair, recruiters need to work on their presentation skills and co-ordinate materials with their colleagues. Corporations are beginning to use online presentations that are repeated throughout the job fair in order to attract graduate professionals. As well, companies often utilise give away items or free tokens like key chains or shirts to attract a greater number of applicants. However, the most important aspect of recruiting preparation is determining how to reach graduates and young professionals. Recruiters often prepare materials that point out the benefits of project work with their company. By understanding this entire process, an IT graduate is able to appreciate the importance of IT recruiting to individual companies.


Do You Desire Business Software?

computer 1There aren’t many corporations which could run with no business software. It just helps make it much simpler to run your business. You possibly can get the business software to complete most of the hard tasks of planning for you. One such business software is a business plan software.

Your business plan will be the start of the business. Without having a solid business plan you will not be able to acquire any funding and things are likely to fall down about your ears due to the fact that you do not have a plan of wherever you want your organization to go. You basically have got 3 choices as far as acquiring a company plan together goes. The first choice is to generate it yourself. This option gives you lots of freedom in how you need your company to be run and how everything will all fit in each other. It can, however, be quite tough to have the financial projections accurate especially if you don’t have any experience. It would be a lot simpler to use business software to write your business plan for you. Your following alternative is to hire a consultant to write your corporation plan for you. This is a very good concept for most men and women because a consultant will have the experience required to set up a corporation plan for you. The major drawback to this alternative may be the expense. A consultant can be incredibly expensive and producing changes to the company plan is far more difficult as you are limited to the choices the consultant gave you. The final choice is utilizing business software having a corporation planning functionality built into it. This really is significantly cheaper than hiring an individual to try and do it for you and a whole lot easier than trying to knock it out yourself from scratch. This kind of software program will probably be in a position to help you through the process. It does also cost a little, that’s a disadvantage, but it is cheaper than a consultant and far more specific than a plan you have created from scratch. It is also a lot more malleable as you just need to put your new parameters in the program and the changes will be shown automatically. So even a new organization requires business software. And the need doesn’t stop there. Quite a few companies have to have an ERP system to manage their finances and stock or some sort of a point of sale or POS system to control their sales. Any company that has any kind of stock and cash flow and staff needs to have business software of some description. Smaller firms can perhaps get away with only having an accounting package although larger businesses must have a system in place that can help the management keep track of what’s happening and where all their stock and cash flow is sitting. Business software does cost a tiny bit and needs to be installed by people who know exactly what they’re doing, but it is genuinely worth the expense in the quantity of time it will save you.